Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sunday Night... Got Paiseh, Got Drunk, But Got No Beating...

Sunday I go to meet this Rizal. I think more and more then I get more and more angrier. I think from after lunch all the way until the sun go down the mountain. I angry until cannot control. Lucky got my good friend Martell ah... so I drink. I drink damn a lot man. Drink until maybe half bottle then go to meet this Rizal. I bring my Martell also, in case must wait.

But then what happen I also dunno. I go to the place (say before cannot tell you all where, actually is behind Junction 8 in Bishan) and wait, and drink some more, and wait some more. I never see any Indian guy like looking for somebody like that. Then I dunno how come suddenly sleep... I never even know I was falling asleep!

Suddenly got somebody shake me. Wah, damn hard to wake up... this guy ask me if I okay a not, need to go hospital a not. Quite nice guy, this Malay guy, then I also quite seh, so I go and tell him all my problem. He sit down with me, and I tell him about my Jenny leave me go with that chao turtle Ah Lian Killer.... then I tell him now my new girl also want to patch back with ex-boyfriend.

Wah. I really si beh suay man... I tell him her name is Coco and now I waiting for her ex to meet me because I want to beat him because he try to patch back with her. His face that time really change man, but I so seh I never see.

Wah piang eh. I actually very shy to say, so take 3 day to post this blog. Turn out this guy is Rizal! He straight away take the Martell out my hands and drink until not much left. This time I still dunno is him. I say wah... you drink Martell si beh power... but next time dun finish mine leh. Then he tell me he is who. I shock until balls drop. NANDAYO!!?!? You mean I sit here like sotong and tell you my problems when really is you the problem next to me, some more try to help me??

But then he tell me he never know Coco got new boyfren. When I tell him and suddenly he know he say he "lagi sad lah" then that's why he drink my Martell until want to finish.

That's mean he never try to break up me and Coco lah! That's mean Coco never tell him she got new boyfren lah! That's mean this guy is really quite steady lah! Then I feel damn bad man... I want to beat him, but he never do anything to me. He never even know me but he damn gao brudder. He say now he know he dun call Coco liao. I tell him you are like the brudder I never got. I tell him finish the Martell. Finish nevermind, he so gao brudder I bring him drink one more bottle. How many bottle he can drink, I chia him drink!

I think I never drink so much before sia. I see him, I think he also never drink so much before! We drink until si beh seh (dunno why he everytime say "lagi jialat"). I think he get lost in the bonsai plants, but I so seh I vomit and then sleep also dunno what happen to him.

Next day I want to chia him go eat, but he say his stomach "tak boleh tahan" and some more he need to by himself awhile. I think I also understand lah. This guy is one kind man... I tell him we be brudder together. He say maybe. I think I must do something for him... like save life kind.

But now I win liao! Coco wun leave me now! But then I also a bit du lan... why she never tell him she got new boyfren? Like not fair to me also not fair him right? Should ask her or not? I slowly go and think first...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sunday Night Beating!!

Yesterday I phone the Rizal. He confuse dunno who am I, but then I tell him I am Coco friend, and she is having some problem but cannot say anything to her... I tell him need to talk to him about it can meet me Sunday night? He say okay. So Sunday night I going to settle liao. The idea get him come and meet me quite good right? My fren Cowboy give me idea, he say if I jio him fight he sure dun come, better bluff him first say Coco got some problem then let him come first, then after that beat. Good right? He damn smart, my fren...

This few day, also never talk to Coco much... I call her but she say not feeling well dun want come out meet me. I say I go visit her also she say dun want. Why like that?? Maybe she and the Rizal really got something liao... if got I also dunno what to doing. But then I call her house her mother also say she whole day sleep, think must be really sick. So poor thing right, my Coco??

I think maybe I Sunday after fighting win already then I go and bring her flower and green tea and visit her house. Then can tell her I beat her ex liao and tell him dun come back. Then me and her can happy like bird.

Oh, I also never post here where I meeting this Rizal because, now I become celebrity blogger, wait people read already then come and make trouble, or call police or dunno what also. (quite smart, hor?)

Today I going to train at beat people... watch ninja movie! Gambatei!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I Know You Are Who!

Today I go for lunch wif Coco at Taka. The food not bad, but then she go toilet that time I check her phone! (thanks you rainie your idea really the best!) I see got a lot of people calling her but how to know who is the ex? Then I go and see her message... tio! Got different different name, got some from me she also save, so kawaii, and then got one name a few message. I whole life also never read so fast before! This name, Rizal (I think maybe Indian), got one message say "Beb, I know last time I wrong, but give chance lah. Patch back to me, okay? - luf, R"

Basket! I find you out liao, you wait! You better stay away from my chiobu, or I consperm beat shit into you!

I faster take down his number, then put the phone back in her handbag. Heng she never come out until after I finish! Now I must jio this ex come and fight... but I also dunno where to fight leh... anybody got idea?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another Bakayero!

Today I very du lan. Coco tell me last night her ex got call her, ask her if want to patch back. She say last time he very bad to her, play with other girl when she not there, and then never call her, and then some more when she go with him to meet his fren, always bo hiu her. But she say last night he call he talk very nice, and say sorry for everything and he know he last time very bad but now change already. She say now she very confuse...

Nandayo! Then I become what, giam cai ah? She say she dunno what to do. I tell her dun talk to him anymore, then she quiet quiet never say anything. I think maybe this one must go and beat. I show her my fighting powerful, more power than her ex, maybe she dun think already. But how to find him? How to jio him fight? His name even also I dunno...

Got anybody got idea how to find him? Ask Coco is can, but then I scared she find out already she dun let me beat him. No, this one must myself go and find and fighting, so she cannot stopping me. If anybody know who is Coco ex-bf, or got idea how to find, pls tell me leh

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Go Zoo Crub

Saturday I go to the Zoo Crub. People got tell me the place very haps. So go lor. Maybe they consider a bit lucky because many people always ask me go out but I go with them.

This Zoo Crub place got no animals, but the place very crowded. Got many cha bor but no cha bor can be as chio as my Coco. But nevermind, the bar behind got a lot bottles of Martell so I feel shiok like this.

Look see look see a bit, then I go to walk inside the membels. Inside even more crowded, these people siao ah. I ask my friend how come like this. He say Membels is for the excrusive people. But I say Membels so small then sommore got more people than outside. Like this where got excrusive? He laugh and say "J-Pop Dawg, you just don't understand. " Hmm. Maybe I really no understand. Maybe got people hear I got going to coming here tonight, I don't know. I drink until a bit seh liao.

Inside one big big table, got smell a bit like vomits one. I got see one guy. The guy shake his hand until the waitress come to the table. Then the guy tell the waitress, “Siao Jie, 1 green tea.”

My flavorite readers, you all knows me. I never bluff you. Even in the club he got order the green tea. I think maybe he is a Japanese brother also! I think maybe he can be a fan of my blog. Maybe he can be my number one fan too? (My friend say sure can. He say this kind of bet cannot lose one, he say people got tell him I very famous already.)

Then before i can Nihon-jiang with my brother, I see something really siao! Something consperm cannot believe kind!!


He see my face blur blur and then he laugh. “HA HA.”

Then he asks me drink some. Crazy!!! He dare to mix my darling green tea with my flavorite Martell. How can such things!? Lucky I real man. Brave like hero. I is J-POP DAWG. I wun say no one. I cannot say no. If don’t then tomorrow I where got face!

So I drink.

Basket. Actually si beh steam.

I look the siao gao in the face. I thinks, this Martell Green Tea Guy, he is my new hero. I tell him, his name is MGT Guy because he know how to mix my two flavorite drink into one super flavorite drink. Confirm last time he must be bartender one. I ask him is it true. He say I am very smart (of course.) But now he play too much computer game already that kind, got injured and cannot be bartender liao. I ask him how come. He say he play computer games until now his fingers a bit bengkok. I say even his face also a bit beng also. He also say to me that I no understand. I think really I must be already seh.

Nevermind. He teach me a new drink to give my honey Coco to drink. This kind of kay siow drink, not everyday can find one.

Really lor, I love Martell.

My Coco

Today morning never do anything. Last night lim too much. Drink with Ah Pui until steam. I wake up and Coco was on my side. I feel happy. She always at 4 floors when I drunk. I love. After wake up, she give me rabah and I bring her go walk walk. We likes the outsdoor and the fresh wind.

Coco say I look very hamsome in the morning. I also think so. Tonight I go find her again. I love her deep deep. She love me long time. I miss my martell.

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